Monday, May 11, 2009


Little freshman Kilie qualified for state at her recent district tournament. Kilie does the 400, the 800 and a relay. In both of her personal events she is going to state. She is super fast. Look for more posts on her progress. And pictures, of course!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

December, December, December That is all I can say about this. I am shaking, I am so excited...............Anyone up for a girl's getaway on Dec 4th? Then we can watch the movie, and then talk about it uninterrupted!! Yes! Let's do it!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

More thoughts - just me thinking too much again.......

Anything worth sharing, oh, I don't know, stuff like how rich we are and poor Sean is, and recipe collections, should be where our family can now read it. Nobody emails anymore. Get with the program. By the way...Sean, I hope you don't feel bad about the truth. I'm all about just saying it like it is and I am NOT all talk when I talk about building a house for the last year and half. I am really busy talking about it. You never mentioned what you did decide to do about paint. I hear country is out, but don't let that spoil your plans.

Monday, March 31, 2008

I Scrapbook for everyone

Hi again,

I know, I know, where DO I get all these great photos? I was working on Sean, Beth and Carden's scrapbooks and came across these gems. Since I'm a few weeks away from posting the family scrapbooks, I wanted to share these now.
Here is a picture of Beth when she was still a Gambee (I think). That's either her in the orange top or more likely her in the white top. Hopefully her "date" underneath her is Jonathan, but maybe we shouldn't ask go there. There is Sean running out there to remind them of the Book of Mormon rule. Just enjoy looking at the last lawn that Marty ever mowed instead.

Finally, we've got Carden and Jatisha looking casually formal and froliky, and a more self-consious Carden and Shanella wearing the latest in turn-of-the-century fashion.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Us and Them -- Families that Build Together...

I know it's been a few days since I've posted but Spring Break kept me busy. Anyway, my sister emailed me letting me know that they are doing a little sprucing up and since she doesn't make the time to blog (or journal, I'm betting), I'll fill you in. Apparently they are doing a cozy little conversion. I wouldn't say it is my style, but it sounds like it is nice for the Mannings, who are used to making do.

We (C&J) are really good at planning so we knew how many bedrooms we'd need BEFORE we picked a house, and we would never think of doing without a family room (or 3), so we'll also have a family room right away. But, because of budgeting (good for them) and time constraints, the Mannings are transforming their smallish family room into (wow!) 2 bedrooms. I can't say I'd consider the same thing, but then of course we're starting out with a much bigger home footprint and budget. I'm sure the Manning project will turn out as good as you can expect from a do-it-yourself type of project. I'm so excited for them but I do hope they can afford to get rid of those ghastly globe lights! Sean has said she'd appreciate tips on paint colors and Marty would like suggestions on outlet placement.

Did I mention that we'll be having 12 bedrooms? (and none of them will be in a converted family room). For the record Sean did say they'd like to eventually convert their garage into a family room (hello?) but we know that she's kind of a big talker. Be happy with what you have is my motto. Hope you don't mind that I shared, Sean! You guys are amazing!

Monday, March 24, 2008

It's my brother John's Birthday!

Like I've noted's not ALL about me! Here is the darndest cutest pic of my little bro John, Peder, Johnny, or J-Ped. He lucked out, just like me and got this thick, shiny, glossy hair as well. It is his birthday today and I've just been thinking about him all day long. So here's to you little brother. I know you are the man you are today because of all the fine examples of older siblings that you had growing up. (Not just me) Come see us soon! Loves...............

Hey Court - It's Me Johnny

I really liked your post about me, so I thought I'd share another cute one of me. Notice the more stylish hair and my tan! Did you know that about me? That I once had a tan? I was cool, dang cool. Check out my "dreamy" smile. Not too big, not too little. It just says, "Come on over babe!(Brenda)!"
Memories! Making memories we are. Notice that in this picture you only see 9 of my fingers? Well, what is funny (eerie?) about that is that I was 9 years old in this picture. True story. Just something to think about. Yes, big day today. 34 is a great year. Did I mention that was my number in High School? I think I started the run on that number. I'll try to dig up some fan shots. Love, love, love!

John P.H. Gambee

Just little Bro Here Again

Well, it is fun fun fun to have your password sister, just can't stop posting. Hope you don't mind sharing your blog. This is just a bit of my history here. Does anyone recognize the place, the time, the memory? I was killing Luke (see how he looks worried?) while Carden just hoped to one day do more than hold Chris's stick for him. Did you know I was the Carden Willamette Foos Ball Champion. I am a very well rounded athlete. Did you know that about me? What is something that I don't know about you?


I promise this is all sis!

I just couldn't let another year go by without laughing to myself about the memories of Mr. Springfield. Did you know I was Mr. Springfield? I don't talk about that a lot, because it is a distant memory, but still, a memory. Good times.


(haha, it's not really - just me peder)
Does anyone have any goatherder pictures of me?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The fun starts here in Post Falls, ID

A little history for you all - Jared and I are both from Oregon and met while I was preparing for my mission to South Carolina. Jared then went on his mission to California, which, incidentally , is where he really wants to settle down eventually. It didn't take long for us to tie the knot once we both returned from our missions. We married in the Portland Temple in 1991 and are now blessed with 6 beautiful girls.

First we have Kilie, who is gorgeous (looks just like me) with the brains of a college grad, the personality of a rock star, not to mention all the recruiters who come to watch her middle school soccer games. Olivia (another beauty, who looks a lot like me, and definitely tans like I do) who is the life of the party and another amazing athlete. America, our third, who is a natural mother to the little ones. She is another athletic, brainy beauty, who incidentally, also looks a lot like me, and is the apple of everyone's eyes. Next comes our Glory (Hallelujah!) who we think will win the pulitzer prize for her findings in nature. She is drop-dead-dreamy (a lot of people note that she is my miniature, as far as looks go) and is everybody's friend. Definitely a go-getter (like me) and lots of fun. Sage is, well, Sage IS sage (that means wise). She is her mommy's girl, but is fearless. Scoring high on all of the nine I.Q. exams we have had her study for, she is amazing. And of course, everyone's sweetheart. Eden, who is actually everyone's favorite, has made incredible advancements for her age. Everywhere we go, everyone tells us that she is the cutest and best baby they have ever met. But, they are just ordinary kids - our kids, and despite their weaknesses, we love them. We realize t hey have nowhere but up to go.

We have lived in many states, starting with Utah, Oregon, West Virginia, Tennessee, and now Idaho. We have tried to add one child per state (Utah got two in) and so hopefully, we'll be moving to a new state soon................

More on Me

I know when I go to see the blogs of my friends I love to see their husbands and cute kids, but really I want to see you -- my highschool bffs, mission companions and college roommates. I want to see how well you've aged, if you've changed, do I still recognize you. You can't be too different -- that's why this blog. Me.

I haven't changed much have I? Same long hair, svelte shape and easy smile. Ok, maybe I've plucked a strand of gray here and there (but not enough to count on both hands), had six babies and done my share of worrying. But inside I feel so young! I feel 21.

I love to let loose with my girls and rock out to Hannah, Hillary and the Britster, Wham, Milli Vanilli, etc., etc. I love to shake it for Jared and just forget that when you are in your 30s and are "grown up" you are supposed to be past all that. I love to roll the windows down, put my RayBans on and crank up "Boys of Summer." I love to do the makeup and do a little "posing" just for myself. See, you'd definitely recognize me from the old days. Just like I recognize you.

Just back from a whirlwind business trip w/ Jared

Phew! What a week. We just never stopped sight-seeing and trying out new restaurants. While Jared did have to spend some time at the plant, he had plenty of time to run around with me checking out all the cute little antique shops. I don't know who loves a bargain more - me or Jared. You should have seen his eyes when we spotted this adorable wooden spotted owl. Can you say, "Memories!!" We were also able to find some cute dogsuits for Utah and Bear. Can't wait to post pics of them.

All this sight-seeing got me thinking! I'm now planning on writing a book that will let readers know what they can and can't expect to find in Tempe, AZ. All the crazy, fun places that you just can't miss out on. Should be fun. It is funny because I have been looking for something to do during homeschool recess and lunchbreak that will be enjoyable to do, but at the same time meaningful. Something that won't take all my time (I still need to grade papers as well) but something I can really sink my teeth into.

I was so excited that Jared actually invited me to come along. Usually, it is just him and his buddies and they get to have guy's night out every night. He wanted all the kids to come, of course, so they wouldn't get behind in their schooling. Every evening he quizes them on geography facts and he has noticed that even one day of not hitting the books is one less chance of them graduating sim pi laude, like he did. We did bring along our sis to cook and clean up after them since we couldn't bring our cook, nanny, and assistant tudor to AZ. Overall, it was a great trip. The only downside was when Kilie messed up on Assyria's ancient location. Luckily, Olivia did know that location and that seemed to appease Jared somewhat.

Jare bear is climbing the ladder left and right, I mean up and down, I mean up, up, and away. He just doesn't mess around when it comes to firing those lazy slobs that work for him. I have no doubt that before he retires people won't even remember what a union is!

You might not recognize him in the picture - it was super hot the whole week, so he had to bring out the ol' toupe for the trip. I am just so lucky that I don't have to worry about sun-burning. I count my blessings every day. I tan so easily.

The Simple Life

Here's an oldy, but goldy. Parenting 101 for sure! cute.

Things used to be so simple. Going to school with my sweetie, lugging our lightweight Kilie to and from school. One child. One husband. Life was simple. At least that is the way I remember things.

My husband struggled a bit more with the whole parenting thing. I'm grateful to my parents who raised me up to be such a good mother and wife. Like I said , Jared struggled more. Maybe it was the double dose formula feedings in between nursing when the formula just wouldn't mix well enough for his liking. Or maybe it was the stroller that lost a wheel. Living close to my siblings was a struggle for him as well. How could I blame him - he just wasn't that into Uno.

Looking back, I realize there was probably things I could have done to help him more. Even a less overwhelming hairstyle might have soothed his raw nerves, but that was then, this is now. He was just like every other new daddy. A little tired, hard-working, but so in love with me.

There were lots of little things that contributed to my sweetie's struggle, but that's another blog, another day, for him. was good. But better now.


As I was working on a rough outline for my "Arizona, Live" book (possible title) I couldn't help but be reminded that my brother Luke is also working on a novel about Italy. I guess writing runs in the family. Mom writes a short mystery every time she sends an email and even my sister Sean has dabbled a bit with pen and ink. I'm rhapsodizing a little poetic here. It's weird in one way and not in another. Here's why. I find that I am the type of person who completely immerses herself into the task at hand. I'm just that way. I am so focused. I suppose it's a talent but I hesitate to say that about myself. I'll leave that to others to judge. But I really am excited about my book because I don't think there is anything out there like it. I'm thinking big, but that's what you have to do, dream big or dream small, either way you get something. I'm hoping to maybe pay off Kilie's braces, finally pay off our 18 year old suburban (maybe even a new landcruiser - if it comes in plum), and get that "body enhancement" I've been tempted to try. I'll keep you informed on my progress -- maybe even an excerpt or two (one idea: "You and Your Partner Don't Have to Spend Your Vacation Alone -- How to Meet Other Friendly People in AZ" and "Even if You Don't Tan Easily-- AZ Indoors") Really! But I have a gut feeling (that word just says it all doesn't it?) that I'm not the only one working on a Science Fair project (or 4). Another of those "total immersion" moments for me. You won't believe me when I say this but if you were to see Olivia's project, you might. You know me, I'm not a "gray" person. It's right or it's wrong. Not! I've always thought there was no way in he_ _ that we could have any link to chimps or apes. And I'm not saying we do, but I am hinting that maybe our darker skinned Lamanite friends may. Apparently there were some lost scrolls hinting in this direction. Wow. It's not too surprising really because the Plan is so complex. How can we even think we understand any of it. Really! Well, I'm in the mood to go on an on (there's the writer in me again :)) but I need to spend Dr. Laura's recommended 15 minutes with "my man." tee hee! You'll hear from me again soon. Really!


Hey y'all. Just been doing a lot of thinking is good. No, I take that back. Life is great. I was thinking about all the different flavors of ice cream and how those flavors are so like me. Here are some of my favorite things:

Thursday, March 13, 2008

100 Things about me that you may or may not know....
1. I am excited to write down 100 things about me
2. I hate vegetables
3. I wish so much that I liked vegetables
5. I miss my families house in Springfield SO much!!!
6.. I cry almost every day
8. I am in love with my kids
9. Jared is the love of my life
11. I used to pray for my future husband every single night when I was little
12. One of my favorite memories as a kid vacuuming the whole house
13. My oldest brother Chris Kalbfel is one of my hero's
14. My mom and dad are/were 2 of my very best friends
15. I have always wanted to go to Scotland
16. I have known since I was 5 that I would have children
19. I am so grateful that I have a husband who holds the priesthood
20. I love soda
21. I drink WAY too much soda
22. I hate how they call it "pop" in Nebraska instead of soda.
23. I wish I wasn't so absent-minded
24. I am a great cook
25. I am a happy person
26. My favorite vacation was going to Disneyland with all of my siblings
27. I am sad that I am not going to have any more babies
28. I LOVED birthing Kilie (the others too)
29. I am scared to die
30. I am really sensitive
31. I love my moms meatloaf
32. I love my moms tostadas
33. I have the best in laws in the world
34. I used to be so nervous around my father in law
35. I loved being a cheerleader
36. I miss being a little kid
37. I wish I was more of a morning person
38. I love to stay up late
39. I get really, really sick during my pregnancies
41. I love to read books
42. I love to play rook with my family
43. I love to eat plain wheat bread
44. I love beef jerky
45. I am very picky about what beef jerky I will eat
46. I wish I could play the piano
47. I am a very over protective mother
48. I am terrified/obsessed with the thought of my children being kidnapped (see #47)49. I love to watch NASCAR
51. I love spreading awareness about Ron Paul
52. I almost never say "my brothers and sisters" I almost always say "my siblings"
53. I love ALL of my siblings very much
54. I loved hanging out with my 2 sisters in high school
55. I love to dance
56. I won prizes for dancing at his company district meeting in February
57. I love that Jared is bald
58. I miss my friends from Troutdale
59. My kids are all named after someone except for Sage
60. Olivia is named after a friend of mine who I have known my whole life. Our moms were pregnant together.
61. I am turning 41 this year
62. My 25th birthday was my most difficult
64. I am scared of the dark
65. I wish my dog Ruffles was alive
66. I wish I was better with money
67. I am a lot better with money than I used to be
68. I am allergic to cats
69. I am a very picky eater
71. I love Washington D.C
72. I want to go to Hawaii withJared and the kids
73. I love to ride horses
74. I haven't ridden a horse since college
75. I love to eat sunflower seeds when we are on a road trip
76. I am addicted to checking my email
77. I really like to talk on the phone
78. I miss laying my head on my grandpa's stomach and listening to it make noises
80. Red is my favorite color
81. I am not very patient
82. I am very patient when it comes to children 83. I am very big on manners
84. I have high expectations for how my children should behave
85. Sometimes I forget to allow my kids to be kids
86. I love to go camping
87. I love to be out doors
88. One of my dreams is to go on the Price is Right
89. I DVR the Price is Right
90. I have to watch "good thoughts" shows before I fall asleep everynight
91. I love to hold hands with Jared
92. I hate putting new trash bags in the trash can
93. I love to smell the laundry when I am moving it to the dryer (when still wet)
94. I used to help my mom do the laundry so I could smell the clothes.
95. I think you should always tip the maids in motels
96. I tip pizza delivery people more if they have a wedding ring on because that is how I supported our family for a long time.
97. I love to hear my kids laughing with each other
98. I LOVE being a mom
99. I am grateful that my husband works so hard so I can stay home with the kids
100. I am incredibly in love with my husband.
101. I love to pick
102. I tan easily
103. I am writing a cookbook, "101 things to do with cracked wheat"
104. I love to serve multi-course meals to my family
105. I am a bit uptight about siblings who dance naked
106. I don't like to share my clothes
107. I love to blog
108. I'm thinking of cutting my hair
109. My favorite movie is "Rock and Roll High School"
110. My sense of humor borders on hysteria.
111. I am so awesome, 100 things just aren't enough.

My Man Speaks

I felt like I had to make my voice heard here. I won't be heard from often, but I want it known where I stand. For the record I do support Court's book effort. I support her fitness, photography and tanning efforts. I applaud her many, many homemaking skills. The homeschooling is her choice. I feel if she can keep up the house and take care of her family's real needs, she should be able to do what she wants with her free time and have a little fun with the schooling.

But there is a line that I won't have crossed. Court and I had a meeting before we got married. We made a contract with each other. I would be the provider, she the caretaker. After we got over a few rough spots (she needed encouragement about budgeting) she's become pretty close to perfect. She makes great bread, keeps up with the scrapbooking and even ventures into some home decorating. Shes a good dancer (not necessarily important but a nice perk). She breeds our dogs and bears children equally well. In tender moments I've often praised her with, "You were born to be pregnant
with my children."

As Court has accurately reported, I am climbing the ladder. I'm a good provider and dad. Along as Court keeps up her end of the deal, she's got my blessing to write a book, run for office or be a counselor at Birch Camp. Thanks. (By the way, this is one of my favorite pictures of myself. Union workers be afraid. Be real afraid.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Who was I? Where was I???

Ok, the time has come to come clean on the fun little joke I played on my family back in 10th grade!!!

I didn't really have Amnesia. Shocker, I know! Ha Ha! Who knew??? I have to admit, I played it up pretty good. I should have won an Emmy for that performance, don't you think?

I'm sorry if I caused my family, or boyfriends any unnecessary heartaches or sleepless nights, or trips to the psychiatrists trying to get at the "root" of my "problem" (tee hee!), etc.

But get this... I don't even remember why I decided to play that joke! Is that funny or what? Or WHAT!

So let's just let by-gones be by-gones, and laugh about this next time we're all at Loon Lake.

More on Memory

You may want to click on this link to enjoy the full experience of reading this blog because guess what? It's all about my memories. I guess coming out about the memory "loss" experience has taken me back to 1981. Yep, that's me on BBF Carla Westover's shoulders. I was always chosen to be on top, mostly because of my small waist and excellent balance (thanks for the ballet mom). I guess you can figure out for yourselves that I was a cheerleader (all 4 years).

And, yep, that's Chris (though I don't remember his face being so broad), the guy who could have learned from little brother Carden that you are not less of a man if you shave your back (and in Chris' situation his hands and neck as well). He could also learned from Jare about shaving his head, but that's something Jare and I will discuss in private, if you know what I mean. I always loved how Chris was so accepted in our home. In fact, mom's study door was often unlocked for Chris and I don't know how many hours of wise counseling she helped us with. Look where we are today (thanks for the effort mom).

I don't want to dwell on my high school years, after all, it is time to make some good memories at this old stage of my life, but high school was so awesome and I was so popular. From day one I showed up my big sister. Not on purpose of course, she was just one of the many misfits at SHS. I tried to set an example for her but it was too late. For example: She had a dress with spaghetti straps. It had a little jacket on it to make it modest. But one day I saw her walking around school withOUT the jacket, trying to fit in. Her arms and shoulders were showing (photo at left shows she is still trying the latest in makeup to fit in). I've always felt modesty and being my own natural self is very important and never joined my sisters in playing "bikini" with underwear or laying out on the garage roof. I was already tan enough anyway. But enough about my sisters.

I just want to thank everyone who supported me in high school.


I consider blogging a talent, and also a showcase for my other talents: Im not trying to be vain, but I consider this journaling and want to be honest with myself and my posterity.

One talent with which i have been particulary engaged as of late is photography.

(and poetry)

As spring blooms
an errant wind
soon consumed
my nostrils sin

fantasizing colors
the scent conjures
of springs blossoms
that scarcely endure.

sorry for the just came, so i wrote. But as I was saying, I LOVE spring, and memories, and what betty way to remember than pictures.

Enjoy the sampling. Orders can be placed directly with a comment in print standard or specialized layouts black/white, sepia etc.

COincidentally, when martha served her time for insider trading, I was contacted by a representative...asking for some fill-in material, even saying she may not be back, but my real obligations were at home: God Family Country.

I am still in contact with her occasionally for recipe ideas, always healthy of course :)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

My sister, My daughter

While its difficult at times to watch how my siblings struggle to raise their children in righteousness, with their light so shining, I don't usually intervene in their "free agency". Here is a case where I allowed my sister Sarah a chance to "teach" my 3rd daughter America.
I say teach, because America obviously has talent pretty superior to Sarah. Not slamming you Sarah, its just that she surpasses most 40 something stay-at-homes like yourself, so its not a slam at you AT ALL.
Anyway, i thought this would be a perfect opportunity for Sarah to learn. For instance, I would never let my children see me in an 'unfinished' condition (ie-hair) like Sarah. If the hair isn't perfect, how can we expect the chords to be in tune?
I like this picture anyway, cause it has multiple layers of meaning. Notice how Sarah's posture is turned to her right? AWAy for the opportunity, while America is not letting her hands be distracted for one moments photographic glory (no pun intened GLORY Ellison--another daughter), but focosed at the task at hand (again, no pun inteneded).
Its getting late, the humor is waning and i must prepare for the forthcoming weeks' activities...hint hint hint!!!

Sisters (IN-LAW)

I've mentioned my real sisters but I almost forgot I have sisters-in-law. We have grown so close over the many months and years since I attended each and every one of their weddings. In fact, I made each and every one of their bridal gowns. That may be why they know they can turn to me whenever, wherever and whatever. I have fond memories (that word again) of Lynae and I having that wedding night chat, "What should I make Seth for breakfast?", of Brenda being fearful of childbirth, "Don't worry Brenda, even though you feel like you are going to die for about 24 hours, chances are you won't." And of course counselling Meghann on the righteousness of modest one-piece swimwear. None tan quite as easily as me, but each has been the subject of countless funny dinner discussions. IE: "Now we know that Aunt Brenda thinks it is ok to let her children watch R-rated movies, but we know better," ( or "Some aunts, like Lynae, may not know that we shouldn't swear. Let's be good examples." And all of our favorite, "Yes, Auntie Meghann does have a boyfriend, but she's a convert." Oh, the laughs we've had. (That's Brenda with two of her children in the photo. And Lynae when she's not swearing below.)

And please, don't get me started on the brothers in law -- Marty, with his obession about a quiet house -- it's obvious why Sean drinks; Brett with his distaste of solid wood -- for cripes sake, just get your wife some shelves; Jonathan who thinks he "knows it all." Well, I have a word or two for that wiseacre. Anyway, families are so fun. Isn't is Dr. Laura (my guru) who said, when it comes to family you just have to be social a few times a year.

Gotta go sistas.

Our NEW 5 acre (yes, I said ACRE) home

We caught our workers (on spy-cam)
EATING on the job. We had no choice but
to dock them for the pancake mix. By the
way, I love my new range and counters.
Do you? Comments welcome.

The view out back. Our home nestles nicely just beneath the trees. You can't see our 2 acre lake from these pictures, but it is there. Definitely.

Cool picture, huh. Sorry, but this picture is also copyrighted, but you can order prints of this from my website.

Another view from our new home that is on 5 acres.

Not sure what are heating/cooling bills will be, but it is worth it for the beauty.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

My other love....dont read if the thought of blood disturbs you!

Ok- I will try not to go on and on but I am just getting ready to reread my favorite series in celebration of the 4th book coming out this fall! It is the Twilight Vampire Series. I can hardly wait. Dont worry- it is nothing dark or Anne Riceish. Just romance, drama, adventure and yes, a little blood. EEK! Goose Bumps!! Go away kids, husband, I am heading back to Edward Land. I mean, once you open the book- turn the page and enter the Life of Bella and Edward it is so hard to return to reality! This series has me seriously thinking it might not be a bad thing if Vampires were really on earth with us- and who am I to say they are not? hehe. If only!!! When I read descriptions of Edward and his finely chiseled muscles it does really make me think of Jare Bear- Well Jakob reminds me of Jared to! And I love imagining myself as Bella- the clumsy girl that doesnt realize everyone thinks she is beautiful and has two heroes fighting for her love..... the escape every SHM needs! (when I use that reference from now on in the blog I am referring to stay home mom) OK- off to my sweet alter world!!!

Living Off the Land

I have to admit at times I've been jealous of the "compound" and all the benefits of membership -- cousins abounding, shared lawnmowers, community garden, singing and zipline parties, yard clean up activities, plenty of babysitters, shed privileges, daily family gatherings, etc. More than once (twice actually) I tried to convince Jare that he might be able to get a job at Country Coach, but he finally convinced me I could have my (yummy carrot) cake and eat it, too, here in Post Falls, without the unsavory characters found in Junction City (see photos below).

Our plan is to live off the land. I'm not talking a few pet chickens, a token garden patch, a "neat" sandbox or (big whoop) a swimming pool. We will venture "to town" twice a year. With our FIVE acres we will have fields of wheat and hives of honey (yes!); we will have goats for butter and cheese (and for mowing); we will have even tanner girls who learn what work is as they hoe, pick and churn in the outdoors. We will have a sandy BEACH on our two-acre lake. Because we will have a forest (partly old growth rain forest) we will be able to donate a preserve for posterity. No cutting, burning or harvesting in the protected areas, except for the timber for our home and our wood burning furnaces. Our water will come from our two-acre lake.

I don't know if I've been real clear on my environmental position, but it will become quite obvious once we settle on our ranch. We will not be using fossil fuels. Jare will be biking to work, the girls of course will continue to be protected from homosexuals and liberals by being homeschooled and anything we need will be grown and sewn at home. We will be selling many former "necessities", so if you have something you'd like, please let me know, or pick it up on your next visit here. (Johnny, did you still want our tv and suburban?)

There will be plenty of room in our log cabin home so please come visit. Stay if you like. It may be hard to find on the FIVE acres because it blends in so well with nature (that's it nestled beneath the green trees -- the house is greenish also). The only compensation we want is a promise that you will remain members of the JBS for life.

I so look forward to sharing more on this blog of our adventure into the reality of the 21st century. Please let me know if you need tips on wholesome activities for kids, ideas for cross pollinating your garden, suggestions for keeping your husband happy or just how to be more like me.

Lessons Learned

Kids are finally tucked in- a little quiet time with my honey (and after seeing his picture I am sure you understand why I love a little alone time!!) What a joy our 6 little angels are- well the only REAL angel is Eden! I was thinking about her and how adding her to our family just reaffirmed our motto of Positive Living. When we found out she has Downs Syndrome we just said to ourselves.... forget "downs' we live UP! She has just been a light to us all. And I am so glad we could set the standard and pave the way for my younger sister who last year had a little boy with "special needs" and when I heard their news I thought, good for her, good for her. I knew from the carefree, lighthanded way her family was living that this would really ground them. They needed some real life lessons learned. There are things you can only learn through experience, and I am sure that having seen us with Eden reminded them in the hard days that they needed to keep their chins up! Like the song from Charlottes Web. We play it every morning just to get the girls dancing out of bed. I am glad I am there, to answer all my sisters questions and be the example on a hill to her.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Music and Me

Hey! The other day Kilie and I were talking about the music we like. We like a lot of the same music but she introduced me to a couple new bands. I'm going to try and link the videos. If you haven't heard of Warrant, I recommend you go to and check them out. Can you say "hot"?

Then Kilie had me listen to some classic Van Halen and it just took me back to the SHS and stake dances (can anyone relate?) is nothing quite like 70s rock. For awhile I didn't know if it was appropriate for my girls, but Jare assured me it was fine when he was a kid and compared to the rap kids are listening today, but for the father of rap see Don't get me started. Just a few more til the big day, but who's counting? I liked Luke's suggestion about pretending, but that's a whole other subject, maybe next time...tune in later.

More of my photography

I call this one "Angle-R-US" Get it? This is featured in our new 5 acre property home.

I call this one "Shadows on Cue" Doesn't that just fit so well?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Our first meal at our new 5 acre home........mmmmmmmmmm!!!!!

I really feel like most people (meaning U.S. Citizens who have voting rights) eat way too many carbs for a healthy diet. I am proud to share our 1st dinner/meal that we ate at our new home. We did not add any hashbrowns or eggs or pancakes as we had already eaten our carb limit that day, but this is really how we like it best. The kids share a pan and then Jared and I get our own.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

It's getting closer!!!

My birthday is now only 8 days away!!!! I am so much to plan and look forward to. Favorite day of the year. 2nd is any day I am/was in labor and producing another child that will have a birthday. Just another day for yummy cake.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Johnny's request

Johnny has requested that I load this to my blog. He and I have similar features like thick hair, strong chins, and are family oriented so I agreed...besides, this blog can't be ALL about US, the RObust, up in the North country

Monday, March 10, 2008


This is my youngest "real" sister Mckenzie. We didn't get to spend a whole lot of time getting to know each other when we were younger. I matured fast for my age, she on the other hand, still has/had a lot to learn. Here i was showing her that breast-feeding is perfectly normal public behavior. It just takes some tricky maneuvering and a little bit of charisma. as you can see, she is not quite comfortable yet, but it is growing on her.

Us larger families are used to the stares
The Man of the House (that would be me, Jared) offers some thought provoking questions:

Court has talked alot about her hobbies - photography, house designs and midwifery, but there are some other important issues that haven't been covered.

I've been thinking a lot about the universal food chain. Back in my day I did a lot of research and study on the lessons in life that this food chain teaches us. I submit to you the following candidates for the Title of Supreme Food Chain Dictator.

CAST YOUR VOTE NOW - (poll is to the right)


Please vote your conscience, NOT your bias!

Like, you might be jealous that being overweight didn't keep Sir Charles from being overpaid...

Or you might not go to R-rated movies, so you have no freakin' idea what it's like to be on the business-end of Alien's retractable jaws.. (do people in our family still insist on lowering their standards?)

Or your idea of "HERO" might be Charles Ingalls beating Almanzo in that "arm-wrestling-armageddon" episode...

Whatever... keep your biases out of this, and try and treat this scientifically.

More worthy candidates to follow...

Here's the 2nd set of Candidates for Food Chain Master:

(hint: if you still have nightmares from one of these candidates, that's a sign you might want to vote for them..."